Dosing Calculator

Calculate Additive Amounts Accurately for Optimal Water Quality

Use this dosing calculator to estimate the exact amount of additives required to achieve the desired concentration of specific elements in your aquarium. Ensure the health of your aquatic life by carefully following product instructions and regularly testing your water parameters.


Aquarium Volume

Enter the total volume of water in your aquarium, including the sump.

Selected Additive

Choose the additive for which you want to calculate the dosing amount.

Current Measurement

Use slider to set the latest measurement value of the selected parameter.
410 ppm

Desired Target Value

Use slider to set the target value you aim to achieve for this parameter.
420 ppm
Ideal Alkalinity: 8.3 dKH

Required Dosage

This is the calculated amount of the chosen additive needed to reach your target value.
0 ml